Keep your body Slim & Smart

Posted by Muhammad Kamran Jilani on Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ten Simple & Easy Steps

1. Reduce Dieting Diets:
Most people who hold tight their appetite and as soon as discontinued diet, their weight back even soar higher than ever. Based on research, this is not good for health. Keeping your weight remains constant would be better than the weight up and down drastically.

2. Sleep longer: 
A study has revealed that lack of sleep will reduce production of the hormone leptin (which makes you feel full) and increase the production of the hormone ghrelin (the creator of hunger). Therefore, get used to sleeping later than 10 am and wake up at 6 am.

3. Snack is okay:
Nothing wrong with indulging once in a while the tongue with a favorite snack, you need to consider is the amount. Therefore make it a habit to bring snacks in small packages so you can stop eating before it’s too much.

4. Drinking water: 
Iif water needs adequate, you can suspend your hunger between meals. In addition, water is good for the kidneys as the organs of our body detoxifiers. If the body free of toxins, you will not be easy to feel tired or bad mood that usually leads to self-destruction.

5. Eat 5 times a day:
Eat more frequent smaller meals are always better than large portions. But for two additional meals, choose fruits and vegetables. Menu salads, soups or fresh fruit will refresh your afternoon and evening.

6.Wheat Bread:
Wheat bread you like to eat bread? Replace the plain white bread with whole wheat bread that is full of benefits. Whole wheat bread or whole-grain fiber is good for digestion, which can also delay your hunger.

7. Do not miss breakfast:
Numerous studies show those who skip breakfast tend to eat more and most sugary foods to overcome their hunger. And if your breakfast, just a few foods that are going into your intake until noon.
Think again before eating habit before deciding to buy a meal, or cook something, you think a bit more like ‘if you are really hungry to spend that much.

9. Enjoy your food Nowadays
people tend to chew and swallow food quickly without enjoying the taste and texture of the food being tasted. Person’s tendency to eat in large quantities is because they feel not satisfied and not satisfied. And if you enjoyed the food you will realize that the amount of food you need for satisfaction and satiety is not as much as you think.

10. Many sports Exercise and nutrition work 
hand in hand to form and maintain the health of your body. Do exercise regularly than do the hard but could not exercise regularly. When exercise becomes a habit, you will get benefits.