Best Hair Style Ideas for Your Face Shape

Posted by Muhammad Kamran Jilani on Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Spend some time in front of mirror to determine your face and hair shape. There are some guidelines below.

Oval Face:

An oval face shape is very adaptable and consequently most of the hair styles are suitable for you. As a face oval-shaped person, you can decide the length of your hair and go for a style change accordingly. Pixie hairstyles, hair styles bob hairstyles and even long are extremely suitable for you.

Round Face Shape:

For the round face shape, you must make sure your hair does not fall on the sides of the head, while your hair should focus on your head. This is done so that you do not look much rounder and length of hair covers up the roundness, making your face look thinner and more. Ideally, you should go for a hairstyle LAMINATE while maintaining the curves and waves of your hair.

Square Face Shape:

If your square face shape, you need a hair style that makes your face less defined. Choose hairstyles stratified guarantee the hair to move freely and make your face look balanced. In all, the face must be free of hair as bangs that fall directly on your face. You could go for bangs and SWEPT rating. Ideally, keep your hair slightly longer in length, which reduces the impact of a square jaw line first.

Heart Face Shape:

In the case of a face have a heart, you need a hair style that will bring a balance to the chin. The style of hair you should go to highlight your cheekbones and eyes, and consequently, it is recommended that you go for a medium or long hair style. What hair style should float around your chin and give the much needed balance to your face as well. Since the hair will fall at your side layers, the front could have a balance as well.

Long Face Shape/Oblong Face Shape:

For those of you who have a long or oblong faces should look for hair styles that give their face look shorter and slightly wider through the volume of hair. You could also go for the two bangs on the head and sides of the head that could give your face look balanced. Make sure you have sufficient amounts of hair on your sides of the head with a long hair style that softens LAMINATED the length of your hair and allows you to take a look balanced.

These can be some basic guidelines, but they go a long way in helping you choose the most appropriate hair style for your face. In addition, make sure the salon you select is a hair expert who can guide you thoroughly giving you a new hairstyle.